White Spot Treatment

for Teens

Discoloration on the teeth can be caused by a number of reasons. Extrinsic stains are on the exterior of the tooth and can generally be removed during your regular professional cleanings.

Intrinsic stains and discolorations are within the tooth’s structure and can not be “cleaned” but rather require treatment to neutralize. Chalky white spots are known as decalcification.

These spots form with poor oral hygiene or poor diet choices such as drinking sugary, acidic liquids (i.e., Mountain Dew, Gatorade, or juices). Chalky white spots are commonly seen post-orthodontic treatment (braces), where the tooth was not kept clean properly along the brackets.

Another intrinsic stain or discoloration is bright white, yellow, or brown spots. These spots are formed during tooth development (hypoplasia).

Fortunately, to create a more uniform appearance and improve aesthetics, we have two options: MI Paste treatment and ICON resin infiltration.

Clinical Examples for MI Paste Treatment:
It is important to note that results may vary depending on the degree of the intrinsic stain and the patient’s compliance with their home care routine.

What is MI Paste Treatment?

MI Paste Treatment: By re-working the enamel structure of a tooth from the inside out, the intrinsic stain fades, creating a uniform appearance. This uniform appearance is achieved through a series of the steps including, etching or opening up the enamel tubules, applying the MI Paste, curing and repeating.

MI Paste is made up of calcium and phosphate minerals, using milk-derived proteins. It is safe to use even if lactose intolerant but should be avoided if you are allergic to milk or dairy products.

For in-office treatment, you will be seen four times every 2-3 weeks. You will be given a tube of MI Paste to use at home 2 times daily for best results.

You must avoid dark staining foods and beverages for 48 hours after treatment. At the end of treatment, you will receive a pack of Crest White Strips to help brighten your smile!

About ICON Resin Infiltration

ICON Resin Infiltration: Resin infiltration is a minimally invasive procedure conducted to reduce the appearance of white spots through the use of composite material.

This works by creating porosities in the enamel with a conditioner that allows a flowable resin composite material to penetrate the white spot and “fill in” the areas weakened by mineral loss.

This procedure is less invasive than the alternative filling or veneer. The infiltration of the composite helps to blend the appearance of the white spot so that it reflects light similarly to the neighboring teeth.

The procedure does not require any “drilling” on the teeth being treated, local anesthetic will be used to create a comfortable atmosphere for your child.

Results are immediate and will only improve with time as teeth regain their moisture after the procedure. Unlike the alternative filling or veneer options where treatment must be postponed until growth is complete; this is the best option for teenagers concerned with their white spots and desiring immediate results.

The color stability of ICON can last up to 3 years, but similar to bleaching may require maintenance over time.

Clinical Examples for ICON Resin Infiltration:
It is important to note that results may vary depending on the degree of the intrinsic stain and the patient’s compliance with their home care routine.