Habit Development

Because good dental hygiene needs to be practiced for a person’s entire life, it is a good idea to start establishing beneficial dental habits while…

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Infant Oral Care

Healthy habits begin at birth by cleaning your child’s gums with a soft cloth and water. After the first tooth erupts, try a soft infant toothbrush…

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Boy Braces

Interceptive Orthodontics

Until recently, kids did not undergo any sort of orthodontic treatment until they were between the ages of 12 and 14. However, in many cases, treatment…

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Preventative Care

The goal of preventative care is to establish good dental hygiene habits in order to maintain healthy teeth and avoid costly and uncomfortable correct…

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Restorative Dentistry

Sometimes, children may develop dental conditions that damage teeth severely enough to require restoration. In addition to improving the function and…

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Trauma Treatment

Chipped teeth, dislodged teeth, and knocked-out teeth all qualify as traumatic dental injuries. When an injury such as those previously listed occurs,…

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