Teeth Whitening

with Phillips Zoom Whitening

Whiten your teens smiles up to 8 shades – in the comfort of your own home or get instant results in office

Actual patients of Dr. Tina S. Merhoff & Associates Pediatric Dentistry:

In Office Treatment

This is the best option if your child is looking for an immediate result. By utilizing advanced blue LED technology, Phillips Zoom Whitespeed gives your child the smile they’ve always dreamed of in just one visit! After your initial consultation to determine if you are a good candidate, the complete treatment will take about an hour and a half. The procedure includes three, 15-minute increments of whitening. You will be sent home with a bonus kit and custom trays to touch-up in the future.

Take Home Treatment

For patients without a time crunch or who want more control over their whitening process, our Phillip Zoom DayWhite or NightWhite take-home kits may be the best choice for your child. They can brighten their smile up to 8 shades, similar to the in office treatment, but over the period of 2 weeks. Our dental professionals can discuss which take-home option would work best for your child, their life style, and their teeth.

Whitening FAQ

Yes. Clinical studies show that under direct supervision of a dental professional, whitening your teeth with carbamide and hydrogen peroxide are safe for your gums and teeth. The DayWhite and NightWhite gels are made with fluoride and amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) to provide superior enamel protection throughout the whitening process. Our office also encourages patients to use a sensitivity toothpaste for two weeks leading up to their whitening appointment, which will further prevent any sensitivity for your child.

Unlike other in-office whitening products, Phillips Zoom Whitespeed combines the blue LED technology and whitening formula to accelerate he whitening process for same-day results.

The results typically last several years, especially when combined with good oral hygiene and routine cleanings. Through consumption of coffee and dark-colored fluids, smoking, and the natural aging process, the teeth may become discolored overtime. Maintenance whitening is an easy way to prevent recurring discoloration and preserve your child’s brighter, whiter, and healthier-looking smile.